Rex Griffin, Author



Hope FB.jpg

Hope is a Border Collie-Australian Shepherd cross. Hit by a vehicle and so badly injured the vet was debating whether to put her down, H.A.A.R.T., Henryetta Animal Aid and Rescue Team, stepped in to save her life. Once over her surgery, HAART had no place to keep her, so boarded her at the vet until I fostered her. I flunked fostering and adopted Hope soon after. HAART gave Hope her name, and I never changed it.

She looks to have been spayed before she ever had puppies, and her original owners took great care of her. I believe that a secondary owner took her, someone who already had a dog or dogs. Like most Border Collies, she loves people—but detests other canines, which I suspect led her to wander alone the streets of Henryetta. It took a while to calm the growling and teeth-baring around here, and we still have the occasional flare-ups. But Hope gets along well enough in her autumn years.

She has been with me since August, 2015.