Rex Griffin, Author




Zen, half Rottweiler and half roll-the-dice, was likely the runt of her litter. Evidently some young family—she really lights up when she sees a preschool child—must have thought they were getting a great guard dog cheap. Kept outdoors (I had to potty-train her) and occasionally beaten (she shows the signs), she was pregnant when they dumped her. Shy—now I think depressed—she would not take a treat from my hand at the Sapulpa Dog Pound. When the lady there said no one wants a timid dog, I adopted her on the spot. I have been her hero ever since and no one could ask for a better, more loyal friend.

I named her after the Zen Noodle Bar, a great Asian Fusion restaurant in Bury St. Edmunds, England. A Rottweiler the size of a Basset Hound, woe to any animal that even thinks of threatening me.

She has been here since August, 2014.